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If you are thinking about hiring a piece of plant equipment, it is possible you might be wondering about the necessary steps to take to make sure you can get the best possible piece of equipment for the best price possible. Highlighted below are some tips for hiring plant equipment that can be used during your decision making process:

Determine Whether the Equipment You Want to Use is Available

Contacting the plant hire company and checking on whether they have the equipment and plant you require in their fleet is the first thing you should do. During that call, you should also find out if it will be available for hire at the time when you need to use it. In addition, you should ensure that the company you end up using is well established, well equipped and has a reputation of excellence within the industry.

Ask about the Age of the Machinery

Another important step in the process is finding out about the age of the equipment. The older the plant is, the more prone it will be to fail during use. Find a company that has newer fleets and can guarantee that their pieces of equipment will help you to complete your project, without any equipment-related hassle.

Find Out about Delivery Times

It is very important to find out how quickly after hiring the plant the company will be able to deliver it. Go for a company that does not outsource the delivery of their equipment. For maximum effectiveness, they should be able to transport the hired equipment directly to the work site. In addition, the company you choose should be able to guarantee next day delivery on your order.

Determine Whether You Will Receive Service Support

Before deciding on a plant hire company, you should find out whether you will receive service support during the length of time for which you will have the equipment. After all, any time that is lost because a piece of equipment requires repair or servicing could impact your project in a significant way. Opt for a company that provides service support throughout the hire period. For Plant Hire in Kent call FGS Plant. They should have highly-skilled engineers on call to repair and service any of their machines that malfunctions during use. This will help in keeping downtime to a minimum.

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